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BALLE: Techboggle Media

BALLE: Techboggle Media

Radical Inclusion™ is Community Allies' signature approach to inviting all of the voices in your community to be equal partners in determining the community’s future. Radical Inclusion isn't about just inviting more people to your party; it's about gathering a fully inclusive group to collaborate on every step of the process.

When you hire us for Radical Inclusion consulting or attend a Radical Inclusion training, you'll learn techniques to facilitate community ownership of the process, means, and outcomes of your community's improvement efforts. 

Trainings are available for groups of 2 - 100. Contact us to create the Radical Inclusion training or develop the Radical Inclusion plan that's right for you.


Radical Inclusion™:

  • Gives communities tools to have real conversations about their toughest issues and move from conflict to action.
  • Foregrounds equity by vigorously pursuing engagement from previously marginalized voices.
  • Fosters longterm consensus and buy-in.
  • Builds capacity for revitalization work by cultivating leadership from within the community. 
  • Inspires the passionate community pride that is the basis for any revitalization effort.
Coming soon: the Radical Inclusion guidebook! Click on the image above to get on our mailing list for updates.

Coming soon: the Radical Inclusion guidebook! Click on the image above to get on our mailing list for updates.

The Radical Inclusion™ process:


Mapping ensures that the full breadth of your community is involved in improvement efforts from planning through implementation and beyond. You'll use your community map as a continual check to see who's missing from the discussion. Radical Inclusion mapping goes beyond demographics to find hard-to-reach populations and connect in ways that are meaningful to them.

BALLE: Techboggle Media

BALLE: Techboggle Media

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With Radical Inclusion, you’ll learn how to convene meetings that inspire passion, welcome productive dissent, and move from conflict to convergence and action. You’ll also learn to take engagement to the neighborhoods where people live, with arts- and theater-based activities that build excitement and activate streets while you’re gathering input.



Radical Inclusion is shout-worthy! Celebrate your accomplishments every step of the way. Explore how to tell the stories  of your community and the results of the engagement process to the media, partners, and the community at large. Make sure you're communicating effectively throughout your community improvement process.




Ask for feedback and check your progress from day one and throughout your efforts to ensure that everyone has had the opportunity shape the process and results. Radical Inclusion is flexible, allowing you to change course as needed.