What Is Economic Localism?

From Civic Economics' "Andersonville Study of Retail Economics"

From Civic Economics' "Andersonville Study of Retail Economics"

Dozens of studies and countless living examples demonstrate that communities are strongest when they are localized.

In localized communities:

  • Economic development is focused on job creation through entrepreneurship and worker ownership rather than outside job attraction and financial incentives.
  • Economic success is measured less by production than by providing a decent standard of living for the most people while living in harmony with natural systems.
  • Economic resilience comes from greater self-reliance and from diversity. It takes many different skill sets to support a community. Localized economies are not dependent on any one industry.
  • Economic attraction comes from a persuasive sense of place. Localized communities have their own unique, compelling identity.

Localism in the news
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Localism is about building communities that are more healthy and sustainable – backed by local economies that are stronger and more resilient. It means we use regional resources to meet our needs – reconnecting eaters with farmers, investors with entrepreneurs, and business owners with the communities and natural places on which they depend.
— Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)
"Ellen helped to launch the local living economies movement and has been one of its most skillful and energetic leaders since the beginning." 
 -- David Korten, Co-Founder and board chair YES! Magazine. President, Living Economies Forum.